Comfortable Rooftop Garden Ideas With Eco Friendly Ideas By Smart And Interesting Designs

The roof garden (Roof Garden) is a garden made in the roof of a building (can be a home or building). Development of dense urban areas with limited land and increasing the awareness of the environment healthy and green, roof garden becomes an option.

There are several benefits of a roof garden, namely:

* Decorative * Availability of the plants that can be in food(vegetables, fruits), also called rooftop farming. * As the temperature control (roof garden serves asinsolation and absorbing solar radiation and therefore reduces the temperature of the environment which ultimately lowers energy consumption) Hydrological benefits (roof garden limiting rainwater is wasted, because it accommodated the soil / growing media and plants growing on the roof of the building), but it can serve as a controller the speed and number of water flow across the roof). * architectural beauty * recreation * Even also as wildlife habitat.

Installation of roof garden need to be designed from the start with excellent especially the strength of the roof structure for the plant, the growing medium, water which will result teretensi load on the roof. However the installation can also be done on the building finished by taking into account the strength of the roof and the selection of plant species. Roof of the house can use the grass, in large buildings can be planted large plants (trees).

To help prevent or reduce the speed of global warming, increase green open space to create a garden on the roof of the house, high rise buildings, hotels and offices is one effective way. Although the condition of the urban region largely populated by buildings, the designers (architects, and landscape architects) should create a green open space to add plants that have been taken over when the building was built.