Highland Kitchen With Delicious Menus And Wonderful Place

When you visit Highland Kitchen, you will realize that the administration, nourishment and refreshment at the place is ideal. Our server was superb – learned, inviting and mindful. Numerous different guests were plainly settled and welcomed by a few staff individuals. Incredible mixed drinks! You will truly appreciate Mark ‘n Stormy (Maker’s Mark and housemade ginger lager). The exceptional tidbit of stuffed mushroom frankfurter was remarkable. You will love the gumbo and jambalaya. Both were all around prepared and the prawns were cooked superbly. They don’t take reservations yet you will see numerous guests easily sitting tight at the bar for a table.

The nourishment was really extraordinary, and they know how to make astounding beverages. By one means or another you turn into a customary client, Monday night singed chicken is the best!

What else do you have, fish sticks and french fries, short ribs, numerous specials however the unsurpassed top choice, great 2 for singed chicken is shrimp and corn meal, WOW! How might you overlook the treats, the bread pudding is soo great, you will frequently welcome individuals to leave on the off chance that you are too full to eat it there. This is your most loved eatery. Bode well. The sustenance is new. Charming, somewhat tight with seating yet at last adds to the experience.